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When I updated this site to it’s new look I wanted to include a regular’ish post to be added and I had every intention to make it every couple of weeks and at least once a month, but things happen as we all know. I don’t know about you, but I have been crazy and this wish went right out the window because I haven’t pasted since March, and that’s not that regular is it!

With this in mind, I’m turning over a new leaf and making the time to post something, fingers crossed, I did it once for years on a weekly basis in the wjhnews so I can do it here.

So, what’s new, well I would like to start, not necessarily with the latest news, more of a combination of old and new. The old is more of a thank you to Wayne Morgan for the use of some of his photography on this site. When I did the new look I wanted to include local images and a few weeks ago I even changed the home page people to locals as well, so thank you to all involved in allowing me to use them on the site.

wayne morgan

The other part of this article is reference Wayne again, because I do feel that when a member of our local community (although he lives in Brantley County, we won’t hold that against him) is doing something different, and in a way, promoting the local area, they should be given some praise for doing so.

In case you’re not aware,

Wayne Morgan, a Brantley County artist whose photographs are owned by the likes of President Jimmy Carter and Governor Sonny Perdue, found a new passion for photography after suffering a near-death experience. His stunning stills of local river and swamp life capture the spirit of the Satilla and Okefenokee. Winner of the Judge Ben Smith competition from 2007 through to 2009, he released his first book in November 2011, giving us all an insight into his love of the Satilla River, called ‘Satilla Solitude’ 175 of his favorite photos.

The reason I’m mentioning this now is that Wayne published his first book Satilla Solitude and had started on his Kase for the Environment before he really knew me, but once we became friends he asked me to design the Satilla Solitude 2nd Edition and then his book on the Okefenokee Swamp – Wild & Natural in which he collaborated with the locally very well-known man here is South Georgia, Don Berryhill. As Wayne said, ‘In my opinion, what Don doesn’t know about the swamp would fit on a postage stamp, so I’m really glad to have worked with Don and share this book with you all.’

Now due to be published in the autumn of 2015 there’s a new book, which I’ve just given Wayne the first proofs of called Unforgotten Path – My Favorites. Unforgotten Path stands for two different things.
First, it is my way of showing the path my photography has taken me over the years with my favorite photos from my trips to Alabama, Alaska, California, Canada, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wyoming.
Second, many times the route I have taken has been off the beaten path down dirt roads or back roads. I have also asked several friends to write what traveling down some of these roads meant to them.

It has some great new pictures and will make a the perfect gift for Christmas!

So please support everything local, because without the locals, Waycross and the area will just vanish. For more info on Wayne, please visit his website at and check out some of the beautiful photographs.

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Derek Harrison
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