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Severe Weather Awareness Week in the State of Georgia

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week in the State of Georgia. As a part of the Severe Weather Awareness Week activities the statewide Tornado Drills will Be held on Wednesday, February 4th. If, for any reason the drill needs to be postponed an updated Public Information Statement will be issued by the National Weather Service office in Jacksonville on Wednesday morning.

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Can we expect Bad Weather?

YEA alertAs I’m entering this article, the rain is coming down outside like stair rods! Now if you don’t know the expression, I’m not that surprised, it comes from the North of England and basically means ‘Heavy!’

But all that aside, I know currently there’s a heavy storm warning at the moment but did you know it was going to be bad, or would you know if it’s likely to get worse. Well you would if you visited here and followed the link to the site we maintain with the help of the Ware County CERT offices.

Several years ago, when we had the year of the forest fires, Perry Blackburn who works at the Ware County EMS & CERT got together with (Derek Harrison & to make a website that would have regular alert messages that effected Ware County, from floods, fires, tornados, whatever. So at that time committed their services to keep this up to date FOC for the Ware County community.

Hobby Lobby News

As most of you will know, the National Craft & Home Décor Retailer is Opening a New Store in Waycross.

The information you need is who what and when, so here’s the latest that they have released:

This is Hobby Lobby’s thirty-second location in Georgia, which is projected to open at the end of February. The location will bring about 35-50 jobs to the community paying $15 per hour for full-time and $10 per hour for part-time associates.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK ­ Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. a privately held national retail chain of craft & home décor stores, is set to open a new store in Waycross, GA. Construction is underway on this new 55,000 square-foot building located at between Hatcher Point Road and Woodward Avenue on Memorial Drive.

A gift that could save a life – Start the New Year off Right!

With just days before Christmas I know that there are some of you out there that just hasn’t got all the Christmas gifts yet. It happens every year, and to be honest I fall into this trap each year as well, so I know what it’s like.

So what would I suggest for that person that has everything?
Well, how about a gift that could save their life, this year, heaven forbid!
Air Evac is our local air ambulance helicopter service providing medical transport which dramatically reduces the time to an emergency treatment facility.
So, let’s look at this for a moment, if you’re in an accident or have a medical emergency and Air Evacuation is determined to be your fastest and safest option Air Evac Lifeteam can fly you to the nearest appropriate hospital at a substantial fee, because keeping a helicopter ready 24-7 isn’t cheap. That’s OK, but I can’t afford that and I don’t think my insurance will cover that, what now, I want the best, BUT there is an answer …

a 1 year family membership is affordable at $65 a household*, plus your out-of-pocket costs for air medical flight are covered if we transport you. * subject to the size of the family